Creative Writer Alex Andy Phuong

Welcome to the Academy of Special Dreams Foundation Family, Alex Andy Phuong! It is a pleasure for the Academy of Special Dreams Foundation to support and collaborate with talented creative writers like yourself. Welcome aboard!

Alex Andy Phuong earned his Bachelor of Arts in English from California State University—Los Angeles in 2015. He previously served as an editor for Statement Magazine and currently delves into literature, film, and culture in his writing. Additionally, he holds an Associate of Arts in English from Pasadena City College, where he also worked as a tutor. With a plethora of film reviews for MovieBoozer and contributions to Mindfray, his work has been featured in The Bookends Review and The Society of Classical Poets. Inspired by Emma Stone’s performance in “La La Land” (2016), Alex actively submits his writing to various publications. His poetry collection, “An Altruistic” (, 2020), showcases his passion for the written word. Currently based in Alhambra, California, Alex writes with the sincere intent to inspire readers while wholeheartedly supporting those who dare to chase their dreams.

You can find his blog [here](insert blog link).

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