Candace Q. Butler

Artist Personal Statement Candace Q. Butler Who I Am: A Detailed & Colorful Spoken Word Artist who won’t allow my physical disability to keep me in bondage. My gifts and talents are not for me, but for the encouragement of those in dire need. My name is Candace Q. Butler I’m a single mother of two daughters who are my inspiration, determination and motivation through life’s challenges, trials, tribulations and situations. After being delivered from an abusive relationship and living to tell the beginning, middle and the end of my stronghold experiences I knew there was an inner art calling to give new birth to. Art has always been an outlet since I was an adolescent and a way to remain healed after many crisis and personal encounters. My life has always been connected with art of many forms; from detail coloring to journal writing, to one woman story sharing. It was the ways I dealt with pain and opened up to cope and come out of being a silent suffer. When I became an adult I realized how I had been affected and had to make a decision to live or just exist. My mindset back then hindered me in pursuing my goals, passions and dreams of taking art to the top. “But after receiving a revelation I was able to use what helped to uplift and motivate me from my childhood into my adulthood / motherhood and journey of recovery. Today, I’m back on track; knowing all my pain had a purpose. Therefore, with the time I have left here on earth it will be giving back through my Chinaka Funaya Spoken Word Inspirational Art Sayings. I’m determined to utilize my unique and creative gifts, skills and talents everywhere I go. I’m too creative to stop trying and I have a vision that will not let me quit. It’s not about me but me being the messenger to give back to others what was instilled in me to believe and rise again. Art is an ultimate healer. My art has been shared with abused women, at risk youth in the foster system, disservice communities and shelters. The responses are when and where will you will be next. You were right on time, I needed that, you’ve inspired many, helped me to smile again; to not give up etc. My vision and goals for art is to re-enforce it through spoken word and visual detail art colors and sayings. Become a certified instructor who lives and not just exist. I will be returning back to school part-time to obtain an art certification that will include visual and spoken word. I’m an artist who is an advocate of inner art being told, showed and exposed.. I will be returning back to school part-time to obtain an art certification. “Don’t judge my situation when you don’t know story or my purpose”


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