Anthony Sellan

Intro of myself…

My name is Anthony Sellan. I wrote poetry about almost everything especially my characters. My biggest dream is to become an animator.  My most favorite cartoons/anime were Midori’s Day, DNAngel, etc.  They were enjoyable! The reason why I want to become an animator is to create a new way of say a storyline when the story line is missing.   My favorite colors are Crimson, Black and Silver because they seem to be really pretty and cool at the same way.   Since I wanted to become an animator, nobody will try to convince me to change my dream because my dream is unchangeable.                         (Yes unchangeable that’s really is the word to describe my dream) I loves to draw new characters, too, but sometimes I get the feeling that when someone look at my characters, they might judged to tell me to redraw and such, so that’s why I was trying to hide and improve it, but I only show it to my dear friends and family if I feel like. Now I am working in a new story. I will entrust to tell you the name of storyline: Final Divine.

This is some info about me, but I think that’s about it.

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