Amber Simmons

My name is Amber Simmons I am a 27-year-old disabled college student. I have a condition known as toxic encephalopathy also known as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Toxic encephalopathy is a chemical brain injury and results in sensitivities/allergies to every day chemicals in the environment. It causes brain swelling, chronic fatigue, pain, upper and lower reactive airway disease, and many other detrimental factors. I was diagnosis with Aspergers Syndrome on Oct. 11, 2012. I am still trying to figure it out and understand what this means about myself more.I am currently attending online classes pursuing a degree in Environmental Science. I have to attend online classes as my Multiple Chemical Sensitivity prevents me from being able to go into classrooms due to perfumes, detergents, building materials, etc. Not to mention my sensory overload due to my autism.  I would also like to eventually pursue a degree in English and Alternative Health. I like writing as it helps me to express myself in more ways than I can verbally. I especially like writing poetry. I can also draw landscapes and still life as I am a visual person. I can draw what I see in front of me but cannot necessarily draw a picture out of my head. 

Sincerely,  Amber Simmons 



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