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Jacob was a founding member of the legendary b-boy crew, Soul Control, and founder and artistic director of the award-winning Lux Aeterna Dance Company, which uses and fuses Breaking, Circus Arts, Ballet, Modern Dance, and Body-to-Body partnering, to create highly original dances for festivals around North America. When he’s not traveling the world (he’s danced in 29 countries), Jacob keeps up with geopolitical-economic developments, watching great films (with closed captions for the hearing impaired), and has quite a collection of vintage Transformers action figures.

ILL-Ability: Jacob was born completely deaf in his right ear and has lost most of the hearing in his left ear, due to ear infections at a young age and to a number of traumatic head injuries. Jacob has been using a hearing aid since the age of 4 and reads lips. He’s able to dance by feeling the vibrations of the bass and watching his audience clap to the beat. Jacob is known for having innovated air flares and the use of upper-body strength in Bboying. His style consists of many dynamic and strength-related movements that allow him to fly around the entire dance floor.

Kujo, We are honored to have you and to welcome to the Academy of Special Dreams Foundation!




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