My artwork is a personification of mental health

I’ve admired professional surreal artists works for the amount of expression their pieces hold. It is hard for me to describe any one specific piece because I’ve been plugged in to so many different art communities for so long. Truth be told, I have never been interested in following celebrities online. Instead I followed artists of all kinds (Mediums, styles, etc.) and fell down the proverbial rabbit hole into the world of art. Since my first introduction into this new world, I’ve always dreamed of being included in gallery shows. In 2021 that dream became a reality. The Art Hunger gallery, in Redding, CA accepted my work and I excelled quickly into being one of their top selling artists.
Challenges I’ve faced while pursuing my career are that most people mis-understand, as well as lack empathy for mental illness/mental wellness. In trying to be transparent, as well as advocate for mental health, I’ve lost friends, clients, and jobs from sharing what some might consider to be “too much” of my journey. In the aftermath, I’ve struggled with whether or not to share my story. On one hand I could hopefully help someone along in their own mental health struggles; on the other I could potentially, and have, missed out on opportunities I would have otherwise had.
I will never stop advocating for mental health, and my interest in art will never dwindle. The two coincide in my life, they are what give my life meaning, and they are what I find fulfillment pursuing. I have the resolve to keep telling my story through art or otherwise, in hopes to someday break through the walls of ignorance to the hearts of the people, and make a difference in this world.

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