Gallery by Patrice Steele

Hello my name is Patrice Steele,

Live in Miami, FL all of my life I struggled in school got bad grades could not figure out why I had trouble reading and writing and doing math. Teachers felt that I didn’t’ want to learn school was not a positive place for me. I was held back in the 10 grade 2003 I had to go to night school to make up classes. I could not get my High school diploma 2005 until I was 20 years old because I struggled to pass the FCAT so I took the ACT instead and it took me 2 years many tries to pass in then I got my High school diploma in 2007. Nobody tried to understand me. In school I felt like an outsider it’s a scary thing when you can’t explain the help you need to people in a place that is suppose to be a resource of learning for child I just felt nothing but judgment. Not one school staff member ever brought up the subject of Asperger or dyslexia to the table. I just knew my issues bad memory, not able to tell time, counting money, issues reading & writing, depression anxiety feeling uncomfortable in public and so on. To not have support at home or in school a (concerning my learning issues) I was alone and scared to suggest maybe this is what I have. I decide at 20 I would try to find someone who could help me get tested. I got test finally at the age of 29 2016 in May 5th. Through Vocational rehab who at first questioned my issues so they had to get me tested that was the only way they would help me. My test results say over the years my reading has gotten better but it is still low for my age. But my math is still very bad. And raveled my autism Asperger. I’m under graduate of CBT College for Graphic Design. While in school it was the first time in my life I got A’s and B’s but still got a c and D in math and English. Now that I’ve graduated I’m in student loan debt. Still looking for a job I’ve had no luck it has been very difficult. Even with Vocational rehab the workforce the workforce really has no clue about people like really has Painting, Drawing, film. I want to become an entrepreneur and some how sale my work.

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