Winner of the Project Passion 2016, AJ Kiel

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Congratulations AJ Kiel! On behalf of our Board Members,  We are honored to present you with the Academy of Special Dreams Cash Award! Our mission is to Bring Public Awareness and recognition to the creative talents like you!!


 AJ is an animator and a comic book hero. AJ is on the Autism Spectrum and has been creating art at Access Gallery for nearly 10 years. AJ has been working with the same character for the entire time. We lovingly call AJ’s character “Light Bulb Head Dude” – Light bulb dude has a lot of incarnations and has been consistent through AJ’s work and is a representation of himself. AJ loves trucks and busses and trains. AJ has a unique ability to make in animate objects animate. AJ is a traveller who knows the bus lines and the city better than most planners.

Light bulb head dude is a wayfinder, helping lost people find their way and helping people with disabilities to find their inner strength. We have seen AJ’s work blossom and grow over the years. Light bulb head dude can be adapted any number of ways from cool beach dude to alien light bulb head dude.

We are putting this information in the form as AJ does not have the capacity to answer the questions in this format. My name is Damon McLeese and I have had the great opportunity to work with AJ for 10 years.

Light bulb head dude rides the bus and helps people find their way. Light bulb head dude is available to help any one in the city who cannot find where they are going or if they need help. AJ is very very helpful and is willing to help anyone. With AJ’s ability to talk to busses and trucks there is no transportation dilema that is too tough.

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