Welcome to the Academy Community Ambassador Nicole Ferran

The Academy of Special Dreams Foundation is honored to welcome Nicole Ferran as the Academy Community Ambassador from Upland, California.

Your dedication and generosity is invaluable.  Your support of the special needs community brings hope, courage and opportunities to many Artists in your community.  What’s more, you are helping to create a more accepting and inclusive world for all people, regardless of disabilities.

Thank you Nicole Ferran for yours support, love and passion to help us to Bring Public Awareness, recognition and appreciation to the creative talents of Artists with disabilities.

Nicole Ferran is a Cuban American author.  Her poetry and love for writing granted international recognition in her various Spanish novels and books, including Somos Amor, Puerto and Amaneceres en Silencio.  The Academy is honored to welcome author Nicole Ferran as our Academy Community Ambassador.  Welcome to the Academy Family.

The Academy Team

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Your support of the special needs community helps increase public awareness,
recognition and appreciation of the creative talents of people with disabilities by providing
opportunities to many Artists in your community.