Gallery by Brian Be

A creative artist since he can remember, Brian does voicing, is a performer, singer, songwriter, painter photo/ videographer and more. Visit his art page. Live and interactive arts are a passion that transforms his senses into his most tenable connection to any reality.

“Voicing as Calling is an especially precious relationship, based on the inner and outer voice, that brings me wondrous multi-sensory fulfillment,” said Brian. “‘My Voice Is My Power’ is a spoken word/melody I created for a voice movement class in 2006. I used the top of it to audition and was cast in ‘The Elephant Man,’ in 2012. This piece is now printed in ‘s 2012 book, Shifting Perspectives.

“Knowing about Asperger’s has truly survived me. Otherwise, I’d still be sprinting my strengths only to end up agape and en swamped, again in wonderment at my anomalies.  Instead of more judgments, conjecture & calloused graciousness, now I grow. More free. To be. Me.”

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