Thank you The California Arts Council 2023-2024

Thank you the California Arts Council for you partnership and support to bring public awareness, recognition and appreciation to our artists!

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our sponsors, partners, and supporters who champion our mission of empowering artists.

The California Arts Council, BAUPRES, The Alhambra, The Alhambra Chamber of Commerce, AUSD, The City of Alhambra, Walmart, Morgan Stanley, Favor Wealth and a dedicated team of volunteers have joined hands to build a more inclusive society through the arts.

The Academy currently mentors emerging artists with disabilities, aged 18 to 24, fostering equity in the arts workplace. Participating artists receive consulting and mentoring opportunities to develop micro-businesses that align with their abilities, irrespective of their disabilities. This entrepreneurial support contributes to integrating these emerging artists into the workforce or supporting their ongoing arts education.

In collaboration with the Alhambra Unified School District and other partners, the Academy extends its reach to individuals with disabilities, irrespective of income levels. The Academy fulfills its mission through three principal avenues:

Operating an art club entrepreneurship program, promoting mental health, inclusion, and diversity in the arts. This program supports at-risk students, providing a safety net of support to enhance confidence and foster a sense of inclusive awareness, value, and community belonging, thereby reducing the risk of depression.

Celebrating the success of over 15 emerging artists who have received direct micro-business grant cash assistance. These grants support artists in pursuing art studies or advancing their careers and mental health.

Promoting and recognizing these artists across the greater Los Angeles area and on our website at This collective effort contributes to the overall goal of fostering a more inclusive and diverse arts community.”

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Your support of the special needs community helps increase public awareness,
recognition and appreciation of the creative talents of people with disabilities by providing
opportunities to many Artists in your community.