Academy Art Therapy Program 2022-2023

“We would like to express our gratitude to The California Arts Council for their support and generosity in helping us with our mission of inclusion in the arts. Thanks to their support, we are able to create a more inclusive society in the arts regardless of disabilities. On behalf of the Academy and the communities we serve, we thank them for their dedication to our mission of inclusion.

We would also like to extend a special thanks to artist Tom Doyle and all of our sponsors, volunteers, and interns who support our art therapy program. The Academy Art Therapy Program is designed for young adults, seniors, and children with disabilities who want to explore their creative side and learn to cope with stress in fun and healthy ways. Led by licensed special education teachers or professional artists, the program includes exercises in art and mindfulness and explores various mediums such as mosaics, painting, drawing, and seasonal projects.

Our goal is to provide an art therapy program for young adults with disabilities to teach them how to cope with stress in creative and healthy ways and to acquire creative strategies to cope with stress through art therapies. Thanks to the generosity and support of The California Arts Council and other supporters, we have been able to effectively implement the program and it has helped alleviate some of the difficult symptoms associated with disabilities. The sessions have improved the quality of life of our students during the pandemic.”

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